Have you ever heard about cult experts? The title “cult expert” is a self-proclaimed one and cannot be obtained through educational organizations or authoritative institutes. Moreover, they have no reasonable standard of judgment when deciding whether a denomination or a religious group is heretical or not. The standard of their judgment is money.

This article shows how so-called cult experts fabricate cults against religious groups which refuse to provide them with money.

I wonder who was the first cult expert…

I found an interesting article about a Korean man who fabricated evidence to drive a pastor, who discontinued sponsorship, into a corner. I suspect that his act was similar with that of today’s cult experts. Please refer to this post.

I hope you will not be deceived by the lies of so-called cult experts. Most especially, they spread malicious rumors against the World Mission Society Church of God (하나님의 교회; Witness of Ahnsahnghong.) Please watch the following YouTube video; you will realize how evil they are in attacking the WMSCOG with every kind of lies and false information.

In addition, the following video exposes that the standard of judgment of Steven Hassan, a cult expert, is not Biblical at all: